Welcome to the Longshaw Academy Friends Page

We are the Longshaw PTA - If you are interested in being a Class Rep or would like more information please email Longshawacademyfriends@gmail.com, speak one of the Class Reps or Jo Lota, Co Chair.

Longshaw Academy Friends (LAF) Class Reps

We are very pleased that a number of parents have volunteered to be Class Reps. The role of a Class Rep is to share fundraising ideas, promote LAF events and ensure good communications with the parents, extended family members and teachers of their class. They may also get involved and run small projects, organise stalls and help, where necessary, at LAF events.

We have the following Class Reps:
Fay Rasit (Nursery), Stacey Goldhill (RR), Lauren Bailey and Aisha Ilyas (RH), Vicky Howells (1H), Helen Davies (1P), Fran Crimp (2C), Kelly Thompson (2W), Betsy Goode (3A), Claudia Bentley (3H), Nicola Lainchbury (4A), Ceyda Ouchaner and Lynn Hardy (4O), Charlotte Crewe (5L), Rosanna McKiernan (5P) and Susie Heales (6M)



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